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CloseAll Cydia & CCMeters Cydia

CloseAll Cydia

Default internet browser, there are no any option to close every open new tabs in one time. You need to shut all tabs the one by one. If an important person is asking your iDevice accidentally you were noteworthy to close the entire open files in one time, Evan if your youngster asking to have fun with some video game with your iDevice.

consequently that time if you open and important work with some personal tabs, you have not time to close this all tabs.If you are join with Cydia application, Then you are the protected person. In the Cydia application, there is little except expensive application to close all open internet tabs in one moment.

Though, in this Cydia application tweak there is no settings button to configure. This is must have iOS jailbreak cydia tweak on your iDevice & go away to BigBoss source to install it for 100% free of charge.

CCMeters Cydia

In the default Apple iOS operating system, extremely difficult to find helpful information’s in speedy time. With extended journey, we are authorized to discover that information’s like- 100% free memory, CPU percentage plus network speed and download Speed and et cetera-
Then if you are similar to check those any valuable information’s in one moment, you can cydia Download.

In Cydia download section, there is a latest Application it name as CCMeter application. in fact CCMeters is widget & it is displaying live all the rank of iDevice. The CCMeters is confinable with Control Centre & Notification Centre ratings plus status.
CCMeter is not a separate cydia tweak, as well as it is depended on CCLoader and can insert together of cydia tweaks.

The CCMeters is displaying Apple iOS versions status and ranks, Then CCLoader application is helps to change and modify Control Centre. though, CCLoader application is not supporting to your apple iPad.
1.2.1-1 is the most recent version of CCMeter application in addition to Sticktron is the software Developer of the CCMeters & it is helps to install iOS 7.0 & higher than. this tool is 100% free of charge cydia tweak.