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Jailbreak iOS 12 To iOS 12.3 Running iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XR Devices isn’t for everyone. Cydia is quick to overwhelm even the tech-savvy user, and upgrading iOS software on a jailbroken device can be a headache-inducing process.

Whether you’ve discovered that jailbreaking isn’t for you, or you need to take your iDevice to the Genius Bar for repair, you’ll need to unjailbreak your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XR device.

There are plenty of forums, blog posts, and YouTube videos that attempt to guide you through this process. Many are outdated, and, in some cases, incorrect.

How to Unjailbreak Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Download Cydia-Remover_0.9.14 

Remove jailbreak Guide Here

How to Un-Jailbreak Without Restoring Your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XR Device

SemiRestore iOS 12.1 Update / Rollectra, a tool that lets you unjailbreak iOS 12.1 device that has been jailbroken with Electra, has been released by @Pwn20wnd.

This is only compatible with the iOS 12.0.2 To 12.1.3 devices that are running Electra jailbreak for now. Support for all of the other Electra versions will be added in an update. The tool will destroy all of your data so it’s advised that you backup your device before running it. There’s just one button that asks for a confirmation.