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Cydia Install iOS 15.4.1
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Cydia Install iOS 15.4.1 CoolStar ‘It is Looking Good’

CoolStar, the hacker behind iPhone jailbreaks such as Taurine, Electra, and Odyssey, has issued an update on the jailbreak status of iOS 15.4.1+ on A12+A13 devices. Looking to jailbreak iOS 15.4.1 on your iPhone or iPad? Here’s the latest status update on what you need to know regarding iOS 15.4.1 jailbreak.

In a post on the Sileo, Taurine, Odyssey Discord channel CoolStar says, “It islooking good”. Re: iOS 15.4.1 on A12+ it is not looking good, potentially worse than 15.2. Honestly, with all the hardware mitigation, it’s really looking like it’s time governments start cracking down on Apple with antitrust and right-to-repair legislation. The mitigations are good for security from attackers, but yeah users shouldn’t need to have to hack their own devices just to customize it.

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Thank you checkra1n, worked for iPhone X iOS 15.4 Cydia or Zebra? 

Cydia App Install for iOS 15.3.1 – iOS 15.4 Checkra1n Windows / Mac 

9 Steps Cydia Install iOS 15.4-15.3 checkra1n Jailbreak

Why you need to Download Cydia For iOS 15.4.1?

If you are an iOS lover, you know the importance and advantages of Cydia. Cydia is a third party app store consisting of many jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, packages, settings and many more things.

Cydia Install iOS 15.4.1

However, it is possible to Cydia Install iOS 15.4.1 using new devices.

A12 – iPhone XR

A12 – iPhone XS

The A12 – iPhone XS Max

A13 – iPhone 11

A13 – iPhone 11 Pro

The A13 – iPhone 11 Pro Max

A14- iPhone 12 mini

A14 – iPhone 12 A14

The A14 – iPhone 12 Pro A14

A14 – iPhone 12 Pro Max A14

A10 – iPod Touch 7

A15.0.2- iPhone 13 (Not released yet)

A15.0.2 iPhone 13 Pro (Not released yet)

A15.0.2- iPhone 13 Pro Max (Not yet available)

jailbreak iOS 15.4.1 devices

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Here’s a breakdown of how things stand With Cydia Install iOS 15.4.1

iOS 15: A9 – A11 is unaffected aside from the jailbreak being rootless

● iOS 15.0 – 15.1.1 A12+: Will need a sandbox escape, but should be good otherwise

● iOS 15.2+ A12+: Consider setuid completely dead on these firmwares. Jailbreaks will need a userland bug to get code execution as a root at a minimum. sudo, Sileo, etc. will be broken and will need to be updated even if the jailbreak can be done

We’re expecting iOS 15.4 to be released next week. Hopefully, Apple hasn’t introduced even more roadblocks to a jailbreak.

If you don’t want Apple to be the gatekeeper of what apps you can and cannot run on your iPhone, consider supporting proposed antitrust legislation.

A bi-partisan ‘Open Markets Act’ that would require Apple to allow users to install apps on their iPhone without using the App Store. This is known as sideloading.

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That’s the current situation because the checkra1n jailbreak is bootrom-based, meaning it can’t be patched in software. That, in turn, means that no iOS 15.4.1 update is going to prevent an iPhone X or older from being jailbroken. That’s the good news.