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cydia on IOS 13.5
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Cydia updated to v1.1.34 to fix crashes on iOS 13.5 with hardware keyboard enabled

In some environments, there was a problem that ” Cydia crashes when you open the details page of a jailbreak app in Cydia .” The new version also supports iPad 2+ and iPod Touch 3+, the ability to talk with the headphone microphone has been added and some problems have been fixed. This time the Cydia Installer has been updated to fix this issue.

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Cydia crashes?

When you open the details page of the jailbreak application in Cydia (the page like the image below), Cydia crashes in some environments.
This problem seems to have occurred if the description text refers to an external site.
Also, as a workaround, there was a workaround to turn off “Full keyboard access”, but it was also a setting that I wanted to enable when using an external keyboard.

Cydia Installer 1.1.34

This time, Cydia Installer has been updated to ” fix the problem that Cydia crashes when full keyboard access is enabled in iOS 13.5 “.

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Since the update is done from “” which is the default repository of unc0ver / checkra1n, it is not necessary to add a repository.
Please update after updating the repository.

I also briefly touched on the workaround in another article, but it seems that many people had this problem, so it was good to be cured.

Secretary: cydia tweak update v1.1.1-34

New update for me cydia installer holding number 1.1.34
• Crush repair for cydia on IOS 13.5, New upgrade for tweak Secretary, which as the author characteristically states, your secretary who announces the messages, the notifications, the mms when you connect with the headphones or the bluetooth.