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English iFunBox V_4.0.1 With iFunBox 2.0 Mac 2017 Updated

English iFunbox 4.0 is an app for transferring data connecting the PC and Running iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.4 Devices (iPhones, iPods touch with iPads). It also facilitates with mobile apps on the iOS 9.4 device from the PC. Ifunbox iOS 9.4 updated is a free app for the Windows PC by iFunBox Developers Team which is a companion app for the iPhones & iPads that know how to copy in addition to view some documents & media files in your phone 6s. The application manages the files on your phone 6s, simply transfer’s files to & fro into your phone 6s otherwise PC with the applications optimized file transfer system and browsing such as for music files, photos, wallpapers otherwise just several other general files. Download ifunbox 4.0 English currently and manage your iPhones & iPad’s files speedily and with no trouble. You can visit the Tom’s step by step Guide for additional of the most excellent free Windows apps together with the newest news and additional interesting applications.

Download iFunbox 4.0 for Windows

  • Download iFunbox for Windows (v 4.0) – download here
  • Download iFunbox for Windows (Classic version) – download here

Download iFunbox 2.0 for Mac

  • Download iFunbox for Mac (v 2.0) – download here
  • Download iFunbox for Mac (v 2.0.1) – download here
English iFunbox 4.0
English iFunbox 4.0

No Need Jailbreak Direct Install iFunBox iOS 9.3.3 with iOS 9.4 iFunBox Updated Here

The iFunBox iOS 9.3.3 is an intensely designed iPads with iPhones file manager which helps in download and installing cool iOS 9.3.3 apps. The download manager also helps in uphold and transferring files and the iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.4 device’s directories. With the English iFunBox 4.0 app, you can take pleasure in total control over the files you have stored on your iPhones otherwise iPads, which is pretty comparable to file transfers completed using Windows File Explorer, but the only difference is that the English iFunBox iOS 9.3.3 is way additional fun to use, not to mention it has a user-friendly interface. Plus, to use iFunBox 4.0, you won’t have to get a jailbreak complete on also of your iOS 9.3.3 devices, which is attractive cool.

 iFunbox iOS 9.3.3 File manager

iFunbox iOS 9.3.3 can auto detect the Device and displays each and every one its contents as media files. From the PC, all files in the iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.4 devices can be managed. This means that, it can bring in and send overseas data (audio, video, images and personal documents) to and from the idevice.

Download ifunbox 4.0 Windows 10 Real English Version

iFunBox 4.0. Latest update makes you comfortable with transfer files between the iPads, iPhones otherwise iPods with the computer. This freeware working as a file manager. Download iFunBox 4.0 version through clicking above button. You do not require installing it. Just plug your apple iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.4 devices to PC and run the program. Here you know how to see the screenshot of ifunbox 4.0 version, it is actually easy. Folder arrangement displaying left side & the selected folder content displaying on right side.

Application data management iFunbox iOS 9.4

Apart from media files, iFunbox iOS 9.4 can also unveil all applications installed on the iOS 9.4 device. Searching for applications on iTunes and installing them can be performed in batch mode. Several On Sale applications can be controlled and downloaded by iFunbox iOS 9.4 when free of charge.

 iFunbox iOS 9.4.1 Improvements

This iFunbox iOS 9.4.1 program is frequently updated with original enhancements. For this newest version, previewing items in thumbnail mode in Camera Roll has been accelerating. If the connection to the iFunbox iOS 9.4 Device is failing, iFunbox iOS 9.4 auto alerts this to the user.

How To Install, Use & Add IPA Files With iFunBox 4.0 (Installers/AppCake Alternative)

Download iFunBox iOS 10 Windows 7/8/8.1 and iOS 9.4 iFunBox Install

When installing this iFunbox iOS 10 program, our antivirus tool flagged it as a doubtful download in addition to tried to block the install. The program seems clean or else, even down to a junk-free of charge install. You do need iTunes, though, to get wherever with iFunbox iOS 10, which should not be a problem if you by now own an iOS 9.4 and iOS 10 device. Once you have every the correct tools, you can hook up your thingamajig and the program will read it, auto. The program lets you observation your files and application data in a tiled menu instead of the traditional iOS 10 menu, so you can drag, drop, and move files without the usual hang-ups. In addition, the program can send apps that you won’t find in the application store right to your phone 6s for downloading. It does not even make you jailbreak iOS 10 your phone 6s to acquire them.