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GmailSender Cydia & CleverPin Cydia

GmailSender Cydia

First we have to find what’s this GmailSender Cydia, Are you with Google Gmail account for your used emailing? Do you notice be able to change and modify a sender name earlier than send your email? In normally Apple iOS otherwise any Device it is impossible. every Gmail user cannot with Google change the present name to at all other name previous to send your E-mail.

GmailSender Cydia

The developer joedi tweak, in addition to it is 100% free. as a result go to Cydia on your idevices then search GmailSender on BigBoss Source. currently, v1.0-6 is the newest version of this tweak &necessary 5.x & above iOS 3.0 to iOS 8.x versions.

CleverPin Cydia

Then we can know about CleverPin Cydia really without Pass-code running, iOS versions is not secure, other than if you have to put out of action it time to time it is bothered. When you are in long music listen or else in house you actually no wants to use Pass-code plus you have to disable it every time. as a result with one of Cydia tweak you can feel 100% free. It is CleverPin Cydia.

Are you With CleverPin Cydia all the iOS Jailbroken lovers are allowed to use your Pass-codes much smarter. following install CleverPin cydia choose under options.

  1. Connected to WIFI or other Network
  2. When you disable it, you can employ network long time devoid of using Pass code . No need to stop your pass codes from idevices settings.
  • In Other network options are
  • In Playing Music
  • In Battery Charging
  • In Airplane Mode

consequently when you are in above work, now stop Pass code from CleverPin cydia. In Playing Music options just disable it & pay attention your Music longer moment & see time to time your Pass code is not working. at what time you are in with your friends & outside of the house, confirm disable all these options on your idevices.