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[Tutorial] How to update Cydia iOS 13 if you haven’t already updated with Fix bug

What does this upgrade do exactly? Is it necessary? I’m hesitant to even touch this upgrade or whatever it is. We are aware of Installer 4 since many years i.e. from 2019 as an alternative to Cydia iOS 13 store.  I’m fine on my current iOS 13 jailbreak Stage. Occasional safe modes but all due to Anemone.

It allows you to run Cydia and Sileo together. If you don’t plan on using Sileo, you can ignore this update. The prompt might get annoying though.

iOS 13 – iPadOS Best Unc0ver iOS 13 jailbreak | iOS 13.0.1 Cydia Tweaks.

So I installed the update and as soon as the update finished. Cydia crashed and my phone restarted. I then found the Cydia Helper Update thing, but my Cydia app was gone. So I then restarted Electra and booted the update, but it didn’t do anything. I still have all my tweaks, but I create edit it yet. Any help with what can help get it back.

Open Cydia

Do not upgrade any packages

Go to, Changes

Install, Cydia update helper

After installation, go to your home screen

You will find the new app (Cydia Update Helper), open it

Press, Update

Let it do it’s thing and when it’s done, close the app

Open Cydia (no upgrade popup should appear)

Go to the installed tab and uninstall, Cydia Update Helper

Cydia For iOS 13 Still Updating

How can I get Cydia iOS 13 back? This is what I want?

No no, I’m saying since he doesn’t want to update Cydia just yet. That he can just keep it on his device if he doesn’t mind so that when he does have to update, it’s right there. After he uses it of course he can delete it.