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iCleaner Pro V_8.0 (stable) Chimera jailbreak iOS 12.3 Available

Great news!  Cleaner Pro, one of the best jailbreak tweaks around, has been updated with iOS 12.3 support. While the tweak already used to work under iOS 12.3.1. So far, iPhone and iPad models with A12/A12X Bionic processors have proven extremely difficult to jailbreak iOS 12.3 Lower And Higher Versions.

iCleaner Pro V_8.0 Download Links Mac

iCleaner Pro Official Download Links

iCleaner Pro V_8.0 Download Links Windows

Download iCleaner Pro

iCleaner Pro V_8.0 Mobile Version Download Links

iCleaner Pro Mobile Version

These problems were further exacerbated by Saurik [Cydia For iOS 12.3] quitting the community refusing to update Substrate for the A12 architecture.

Apple is preparing for the final update of iOS 12.3 before it rolls out the next version of its mobile OS iOS 13 jailbreak.

Can We jailbreak iOS 13?

Get Analytics Cydia iOS 12.3? jailbreak Really Done

Download Panda Helper iOS 12.2, 12.2.1 and iOS 12.2.2 & Windows/ Mac


Apple iOS 12.3 update release date passes important hurdle. Adds official supports A12 Devices and Chimera jailbreak For iOS 12.3.

Improves the addons tool by detecting TweakInjector libraries. iCleaner Pro with iOS 12.3 support from its official repo. [Update] iCleaner Pro 8.0.

iCleaner Pro V_8.0 Download Links – 2019 Change Log

  • Features: iOS 12.3
  • Support for iOS 12.3 and A12 devices (unc0ver & Chimera jailbreaks).
  • Fixes and improvements: iOS 12.3
  • Addons tool now also lists TweakInjector libraries.
  • Support Electra/Chimers’s uicache tool.
  • Add arm64e slice to iCleanerLib.
  • Update Malay localization.
  • iCleaner | Download iCleaner on iPhone A12/A12X, iPad No Jailbreak

Chimera can jailbreak all iOS 12.3-12.3.1-12.3.2 devices, and so a supported device list isn’t necessary. If your handset is running one of these firmware versions, then you’re good to go.