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iFunBox 2015 – iFunBox 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

iFunBox 2015 Free file director for iPhone and iPod Touch

2015 iFunBox is an alternative file director for consumer of the iPhone otherwise iPod Touch.

For anyone who has tried to utilize the iPhone’s file director previous to, rest simple – there is one more method! Apple may be superior at a lot of things, other than it seems to have failed its consumer in terms of a file manager.

iFunBox 2015 is a additional powerful method to direct files. It let consumer to plug their device into a computer, leave to the program, and admire the handy viewer that instantly catalogs the phones contents. From now, it’s an easy course to also copy files to the device, insert arrange folders to the device, otherwise still immediately backup the phone device’s files.


Download iFunBox 2015 Free

iFunBox 2015
iFunBox 2015 Free

2015 iFunBox does the similar for the iPod, let easy and about effortless association of files and uploading of latest files, creation it the perfect answer for also the iPhone otherwise the iPod.

 iFunBox 2015 gives consumer the file organization freedom they have been craving as the making of these popular Apple devices. It create file organization simple, and gives every of the manage back to the consumer, creation it a must have for every iPod otherwise iPhone holder.