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iPadOS / iOS 15.1 Cydia Install
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iPadOS / iOS 15.1 Cydia Install

Jailbreak iPadOS / iOS 15.1 with PP Jailbreak & Install Cydia. We’ve got some good news for you all. After just a few hours of iPadOS / iOS 15.1 release, there’s a jailbreak that’s working. Courtesy of the tool named ‘PPGhost’, the Windows only jailbreak tool works on the mentioned firmware.

When speaking about iPhones, the term “jailbreaking” refers to the process of hacking the device’s firmware so you can use unapproved apps unavailable from Apple’s App Store, while “unlocking Bypass iCloud From eBay” an iPhone allows it to be used with service providers other than the one it was designed for.

iOS  15.1 Cydia
iOS 15.1 Cydia

Advice for upgrading from iOS 15.1 jailbroken device

Write down a list of your favorite packages, or export a list using AppInfo or similar – try Appster or Capture View. (Technically, you can try a whole-package-list backup tool like PkgBackup, but see the steps for why you might not be happy with the results if you use them.)

You can also go into iOS 15.1 Cydia and take screenshots of your installed apps and repos. If you do this before your backup they should still be on your device after you restore. If you’re paranoid (like me) you can email them to yourself or copy them someplace else for safekeeping.

iPad: iPad (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th)Air (2, 3rd, 4th)Mini (4, 5th, 6thPro (1st, 12.9 & 9.7; 2nd, 12.9 & 10.5; 3rd, 11 & 12.9; 4th, 11 & 12.9; 5th, 11 & 12.9)
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iPod touch:7th
Limited support on iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone SE (1st generation), iPod Touch (7th generation), iPad (5th generation), iPad (6th generation), iPad (7th generation), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro (1st generation) and iPad Pro (2nd generation)

Do a full backup of all your data using iTunes or iCloud (or your preferred method).

Download the latest iOS 15.1 IPSW file from (this was done instead of an OTA update to reduce the chance of encountering problems)

On iTunes, shift-click on “restore” and choose the iOS 15.1 ipsw file you downloaded in step 3. (Side note: using the “update” feature will lose some disk space on your iDevice until your next full restore.)

Run PP Helper and follow the iOS 15.1 jailbreak process.

Based on your written or exported list of favorite packages, try installing one or a couple of them at a time. It’s very likely that many of those packages will have compatibility problems, so it’s easier to troubleshoot problems if you don’t install everything at once.

Jailbreak iPadOS/ iOS 15.1 Cydia

A jailbroken iPhone has access to a number of useful applications, such as SBSettings, which enables you to customize your most used settings right from the home screen, or iBlacklist, an app that enables you to block calls and texts. You don’t need to unlock your phone to use iOS 15.1 Cydia the gateway application that provides access to a world of unapproved apps — but you do need to jailbreak it. This post is basically an instructional guide that will teach you how to jailbreak your iOS 15.1 iDevice using the PP jailbreak tool.

Jailbreak iPadOS / iOS 15.1.1 firmware

There is news circulating around that PP got the code from TaiG, but the news has not been confirmed yet. That’ why you would want for the TaiG tool to be updated to iOS 15.1.1 jailbreak. Our personal opinion is to wait because stealing the code is wrong, but is difficult to prove even if the claims are true.

Steps to Jailbreak iPadOS / iOS 15.1

When the updated tool is released by TaiG, we’ll write a new tutorial, and give this one less importance. Before that happens, here are the steps to apply with the PP jailbreak tool:

Important point: The user following the instructions needs to make sure the device is recognized by iTunes. So make sure the Find My iPhone is switched off, the Airplane made is switched on, and the passcode is switched off.

  1. The first step is to download PPGhost for iOS 15.1 from our download section.
  2. Run PPGhost.
  3. Select the blue button while the PP check box is checked.
  4. In the PP tool, select the green button to start the iOS 15.1 jailbreak. Then tap the button, and on the second screen tap the second button to grant confirmation that you’ve switched off Find My iPhone. This will begin the iOS 15.1 jailbreak.
  5. Be patient and don’t do anything, even if the white screen appears after the restore.
  6. Once the completed message is seen on the PP tool, wait until the device boots to the Lock screen.
  7. Unlock your iDevice and start Cydia iOS 15.1.
  8. Just remember that TaiG has claimed the code was stolen, but there was no statement outside their Twitter account. Did the instructions work for you?