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iOS 8.2 may not have patched kernel exploit used in TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1

Apple company immediately released iOS 8.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which contain error fixes, and addresses a trouble where ringtone purchased throughout iTunes Store might have been eliminated from your  iOS device.

Thus not astonishingly, jailbreakers need to know but iOS 8.1.2 kills the TaiG jailbreak.

TaiG group had received a few criticisms intended for releasing a jailbreak for iOS 8.1.2, and must have stayed for the iOS 8.2 update to be released which is presently in beta. nevertheless, based on a few early analysis via a reddit user who is fine appreciated in the jailbreak group of people, it looks similar to Apple company has not patched the kernel develop in iOS 8.2 utilized in the TaiG jailbreak intended for iOS 8.1.2.

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 iOS 8.1.2 kills the TaiG jailbreak.
iOS 8.2 kills the TaiG 8.2 jailbreak.

Hacker and safety specialist has thinks that Apple company might have not fixed the kernel develop. As well according to the knowledge bottom post for iOS 8.2 safety updates, Apple has not patched a few latest exploits in iOS 8.1.2. It tells “iOS 8.2 contains the security satisfied of iOS 8.1.2.” fascinatingly, the TaiG jailbreak utilizd the similar kernel develop that was utilized via the Pangu jailbreak intended for iOS 7.1.2, thus it does come as a surprise has not fixed it up till now although we are not complaining.

It is immobile suggested to hold off upgrading to iOS 8.2, since we still want to obtain an official verification from the TaiG group. They will as well have to update TaiG jailbreak to create it work with iOS 8.2. iOS 8.2 as well does not seem to contain some major improvements to guarantee the irritate of updating to it, and re-jailbreaking your iOS device.We will allow you know if we obtain some further updates.