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How to unlock iOS 8.2.1 activation lock bypass in iPhone 6 with no the password for apple iCloud? original features in iOS 8.2 by Apple developers is a anti-theft feature called “Find My iPhone 6” including a service that ties your Apple ID to your iPhone 6, iPad before iPod touch if its misplaced otherwise stolen. These idevices that have “Find My iPhone” activated cannot have several of their Apple idevices restored devoid of the login password to your Apple ID. This icloud Activation lock created by Apple developers was done to help track your iPhone 6 & to help the decrease of stolen iPhones being sell on the black in market. several negatives of this service is for iPhone 6 users who have purchased their iPhone 6 or iPad from a 3rd party re seller who had activated “Find My iPhone” & do not know the elderly password to turn off the Activation lock, thus having iPhone 6 iCloud locked.

iCloud Bypass Activation Lock Download – Remove iCloud Activation Lock 

Download DoulCi Activator_v2.0 [ windows ]

Download DoulCi Activator_v2.0 [ Mac ]

How to unlock iOS 8.2.1 activation lock
How to unlock iOS 8.2.1 activation lock bypass in iPhone 6

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How to Disable iOS 8.2.1 Activation Lock bypass

There is a bug in iOS 8.2.1 that will let anyone to disable Find My iPhone and bypass Activation Lock without a password. This video from YouTube shows you iPhone 6 iCloud bypass with step’s instructions on how to turn off Find My iPhone 6:

When you go away to restart your iPhone 6, you will be asked to go to iOS 8.2.1 iCloud bypass settings & turn “Find My iPhone” off by entering the right password. other than if you don’t know the password choose “Delete Account” & turn off “Find My iPhone” at the similar time & then turn your iPhone 6 off. following you turn your iPhone 6 back on the Activation Lock should be deleted & at the present your iPhone 6 is not locked to Apple ID.

Delete iCloud Account from iPhone without Password

icloud bypass iOS 8.2.1 additional methods to remove Apple ID is by calling the being or 3rd party corporation that you purchased the iPhone 6 from & ask them to go to their iCloud account & take away the iPhone from their Apple ID. once more, if you can’t get in contact with the original iPhone 6 owners, then the video shown above is the fastest and easiest method deactivate “Find My iPhone” devoid of the password.