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Cydia Install For iOS 13
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Pwn20wnd says Cydia iOS 13 works on, but Substrate may require minor updates

Just yesterday, hacker and unc0ver jailbreak lead developer Pwn20wnd confirmed that both Cydia and Cydia Substrate would run without any turbulence on iOS 12.2. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the announcement led many to ask if the same would be true about Apple’s upcoming iOS 13 update, which is poise to drop sometime this Fall.

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Pwn20wnd appeared to share this same curiosity, and so he deployed Cydia and Cydia Substrate on an emulated and pre-jailbroken installation of the iOS 13 beta to find out. The results of his test were announce on Twitter early this morning:

Cydia iOS 13

From what we can gather, the Cydia app itself appears to work fine on iOS 13, but this should not come as much of a surprise to anyone since we’ve seen Cydia being test on the iOS 13 beta before.

If you’ve ever install a iOS 13 jailbreak tweak before?

That aside, the real question lies with Cydia Substrate, which we often take for granted when enjoying our jailbreaks. It is the framework that permits tweak injection on pwned handsets, and if you’ve ever install a jailbreak tweak before, then you’ve likely use Cydia Substrate (unless you’re using Chimera, which utilizes Substitute instead).

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Pwn20wnd notes that Cydia Substrate should work on iOS 13 “with minor changes,” but it’s unclear what those changes are and whether it would necessitate work on Saurik’s end.

As we know already, Saurik doesn’t particularly enjoy working on Cydia Substrate, and it remains to be seen if he will continue maintaining it beyond its current state.

In a follow-up Tweet, Pwn20wnd mentions that much of his motivation to test the software. On iOS 13 came from the fact that people often crucify Cydia and Cydia Substrate by referring. To it as “old” or “outdated” software. Realistically, however, these platforms have been actively update for modern jailbroken versions of iOS, With the most recent maintenance occurring in the past year with the launch of unc0ver.

iOS 13 is still in its beta stages at the time of this writing. And this means that Apple could still change. A lot in the software before the final release this Fall. That said, we still don’t know if or when an iOS 13 jailbreak will be release. and if so, whether Cydia and Cydia Substrate will still work as expected when that time comes.

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